4 Reasons Why They Won’t Buy Your Home

Selling your home can be stressful. With constant showings, open houses, and a pile of paperwork in front of you, navigating how to sell your home is quite the undertaking.

The rush of excitement when you put the for sale sign can quickly fade when no offers are coming in, and the showing requests are non-existent.

There are any reasons why a buyer may love your home, but learning why they won’t buy, and what you can do to get more offers in, can save you time and money in the long run!

They Won’t Buy Your Home In The Wrong Neighborhood

A home in a bad location, with long commute times, or located in unsafe areas will always be hard to sell. So how can you know if you are in a good or bad neighborhood?

A good neighborhood should have the following:

       Short Commutes to Business Parks and Highways

       Low Crime

       Good Schools

       Nearby Restaurants, Parks, Gyms and More

       Good Schools

       Well Maintained Homes and Yards

Finding houses within a great school district, areas with high employment, and easy commutes are the best houses for a flip.

If your home is located in a higher crime area, you can work around this by installing safety features in your home, such as better light and alarm systems. You can also help buyers feel more at ease by providing more information about your location, and where the must haves places to eat, shop and workout!

 If the majority of residents located in the vicinity of your property are tenants, the house will be hard to sell for anything close to what you may have in mind as a "retail" price. There is no such thing as retail in those areas. Houses go for huge discounts or they don't go at all.

They Won’t Buy Your Home with A Weird Layout

The last thing people want to do before they sell, is make repairs and upgrades. Buyers don’t want homes with ‘funky’ layouts or doors that lead to nowhere.

You may have heard the word ‘move-in ready’ thrown around lately, but buyers will offer more for homes they don’t have to fix themselves.

Look for ways to make a home feel more functional, modern and appealing to a wide variety of buyers. House flippers using phoenix hard money loans suggest adding smart features, painting with neutral colors, and opening up spaces.


Even small repairs such as a fresh coat of paint, or a new door, can add tremendous value to your space. If repairs are out of your budget, consider the way you stage your room to breathe new life into a space.

They Will not Buy Your Home with Bad Marketing

When selling your home, it takes more than a for sale sign to get offers in.

That’s why serious sellers always enlist the help of a realtor. Marketing a property, takes great photos, great staging, and a great Realtor to make sure your property gets more buyers looking to get more offers in!

There is an art to great marketing, and unless you are working with a great Realtor who know how to market your property you house won’t sell!

They Won’t Buy Your Home Listed For the Wrong Price

A great realtor also knows the best way to price your home. Buyers want to make sure that they don’t overpay for a home, and a over-priced house isn’t going to sell. 

A great realtor will be able to show you comparable properties with similar layouts upgrades, lot sizes and square footage and discuss just how much to sell your home for!

Realtors and Hard money lenders often use comparable properties to determine how much a property such cost, and how much a home will sell for.

Homes at the right prices will attract more potential buyers. Pricing your home can be difficult, but every offer is negotiable, and easier with the more offers you have!


When it comes to selling your home, attracting the best buyers is key. You can make sure that you get more offers on your listing by avoiding these reasons people don’t want to buy your home!

       They Won’t Buy Your Home in Wrong Neighborhood

       They Won’t Buy Your Home With A Weird Layout

       They Won’t Buy Your Home With Bad Marketing

       They Won’t Buy Your Home Listed For the Wrong Price

Working with a great Realtor can make sure that your home can sell fast, and for the price you want!


Catherine Way a marketer and content-creator for hard money lenders, commercial Realtors, and more. She loves to find new ways to connect with people and provide valuable information about the ever-changing real estate markets. She currently writes and creates for Prime Plus Mortgages - Phoenix hard money loans.

How to Sell your Land Property Fast in Abuja

Selling of land is usually a more complicated process than selling developed property. When you sell a land property with a building, its use and value is established by the building and other structure on it. Before buying undeveloped land, most buyers will want to investigate what they can do with it to determine what it’s worth. At the same time, the buyer pool for land is usually lesser than the buyer pool for developed property. With this in mind, selling land quickly in Abuja requires unique strategies.

Step 1
Hire an appraiser to determine the value of your land if you don't have the knowledge to do it yourself. Without knowing the worth your land, it will be difficult for you to assess the strength of the bargains that you receive. The assessment will also determine the highest and best use of the land, and you can use those facts to target your marketing activities.

Step 2
Put a large "For Sale" sign on a noticeable part of your land and include your telephone number. Although signs don't always lead to fast sales, they're worth trying. In addition, a sign repeatedly generates calls when it initially goes up.

Step 3
Contact the landlords of surrounding parcels of land to determine if they want to buy your land. Occasionally, a land owner will want to increase the size of his/her holdings. If your land has access to a road, water or another valuable feature, it can be mostly valuable to a neighbour whose land does not have that attribute. Your neighbours are also very familiar with your land, the area and its prospects, so they should be able to decide more quickly than a remote buyer or someone who is not familiar with the parcel of land.

Step 4
Present your land to possible users. For example, if your parcel is located where houses are currently being developed, home builders would be potential buyers. On the other hand, if your land is covered with timber in an area that is being logged, timber logging companies may be the paramount buyers.

Step 5
You may consider selling your land to a speculative investor. Many areas have investors that are willing to buy just about anything as long as it is cheap enough. These investors can close deal quickly, but will frequently offer you a very low price for your land. That's how they're able to move so fast in any transaction, they are getting a great deal. Those kinds of Investors usually won't require you to finance the land for them.


The person who owns and wishes to sell the property would contact the experts in property management where an agreement is made in the presence of the regulatory organisation. Afterward, the property agent takes custody of the property and aids to sell the land on behalf of the seller.


An agreement (verbal or written) between the land owner (seller) and the property agent is very important in this aspect, as the agent will help verify the availability of the said property to be sold. The verification of property involves a legal search via the Abuja Geographical Information System Office(AGIS).


In Abuja Nigeria, the norm of “Law of Contract” is very much regarded; this is principle you need to follow if you want to sell your properties.
              The Law of Contract in selling property in Nigeria includes:-
Letter of request – a letter to the estate/property agent from the owner of the property (seller) requesting the agent to represent him/her in selling the property.


However there are quite a lot of property agents in Abuja who can sell your property on your behalf. You do not need to be actually present to close any transaction; nevertheless, you must be careful and make your transaction known to the Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveys and Valuers to escape fraud. These are the most important things you have to bear in mind when you are selling real estate property in Nigeria.