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All you need to know about Land acquisitions within FCT Abuja.
Investing in land is proving a valuable protection strategy for those looking to protect or diversify their assets.

Feel free; enjoy reading as an educational tool or as a means to secure a Real Estate Agent to satisfy your quest for Land or Property acquisitions in Abuja the Federal capital of Nigeria.

We have put together everything there is to know about land business, whether buying, selling residential, commercial, agricultural, or mixed-used Land

Buying Land and properties in Abuja Nigeria >>>

Abuja has been experiencing a housing boom over the past years.  Developers have been investing greatly in new, modern homes, Residential and commercial buildings. 

Abuja Real Estate has proven to be one of the most lucrative investment opportunities currently available in Abuja the Federal Capital of Nigeria with low variability of returns. Nevertheless, investors must be aware of the somewhat long tenure of holding period that may possibly be required.  Location of such property usually has an important effect on the holding period required.  

Federal Capital Development Authority FCDA allows any company, individual, Nigerian or non-Nigerian to buy Land property rights for maximum of 99 years, on condition that the purchase is declared to the government in advance.

If you are planning to secure land in Abuja keep a few things in mind to ensure all goes smoothly: 

Who owns the land or property?

You need to validate that the person/group you are buying real estate from is the correct titleholder because There have been several instances of land being sold by unlawful owners, or being sold to more than one buyer at a time. To safeguard you make sure a land title assessment is done at the appropriate government office which is (AGIS) Abuja Geographic Information Services, and a land valuation is also executed. There is usually a fee for these which are paid for at the purchaser’s expense.

You need to analysis or review all property documents by yourself, and include yourself in all stages of the property buying process.

As an extra protection, you need to have an independent lawyer to analyse your documents before you make payment for the property.

Abuja Real Estate and property Development Timeline Requirements

If you are buying undeveloped land in Abuja there may be development timeline requirements by the Federal Capital Development Authority FCDA. It is common in certain Locations within Abuja that you are required to build at least basic infrastructure such as a well and building or foundation within a five year period. Developing the land will helps to ensure a lesser amount of questions of ownership of the property. Development timeline requirements should be determined before any purchase.

The Best Practices

The best way to guarantee a safe step into Abuja property ownership is to use an experienced real estate agency. If you have any questions or concerns feel to share your COMMENTS blow.

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    1. There's this land for Sale

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