The Perfect Way to become a land Lord in Abuja

When you become a Landlord or Property owner, your tenants pay you towards an appreciating asset!
People generally rent or lease because they do not qualify for a mortgage and they are mostly salaried employees who commute to work daily. Cater for that market!

          If you want to become a property owner, do not look at an investment property as if you will be living in it. Your personal taste in carpets and tiles and other furniture has nothing to do with how easy to rent the property will be. Buy a neat property in good condition in an area where the rental demand is high.
          Therefore - a property in a middle class suburb, or satellite Town within the FCT Abuja such as Gwagwalada preferably close to commuting routes, which does not demand too high a rental, is perfect for real estate investing when you become a Landlord.

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