Abuja Geographic Information Systems (AGIS)

Decision was taken by Federal Government of Nigeria in 2003 to embark on absolute computerization of the cadastral and land registry of the FCT. This led to the establishment of an agency now well known as Abuja Geographic Information Systems - AGIS. Within three years of its establishment, the scheme was able to transform the whole operations of the Land management and other land related departments of the FCT. Decision pertaining to land can now be taken from an up to date position with a reliable data. AGIS has become a mark of transparency and excellent governance within not only the Federal Capital Territory only but within the whole of Nigeria.

AGIS stands for "Abuja Geographic Information Systems". The AGIS task includes the introduction of SDI (Spatial Data Infrastructure) for F.C.T., the computerization of spatially related workflows in certain FCDA departments and agencies and the make up of the AGIS Resource hub.
AGIS moreover is the new FCDA (Federal Capital Development Agency) department for computerized land management. The "AGIS Resource Centre" is going to be a service company for spatially connected data and services for F.C.T. and a computerized front & back office ("one stop shop") for FCDA departments.

The AGIS projects motivated objective is to establish AGIS as an independent service source and as the single official source for Geospatial Data on FCT, covering all of FCT:
  • Provide a Comprehensive, All-Inclusive, state-of-the-Art, infallible, Computerized, Geospatial Data Infrastructure for the FCT.
  • Computerize the Cadastral and Land Registry for the FCC (Federal Capital City), the Area Councils and the and Satellite Towns of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT)
  • The AGIS Resource Centre is functioning: in the AGIS Building, as an autonomous service provider, as a specialized GIS/LIS Resource Centre, as the only official source for Geospatial Data on FCT, covering all of FCT, with revenues (additional revenues, not existing ones shifted to AGIS).
AGIS should guarantee continuity, stability, Scalability, Flexibility, Consistency, Sustainability, Reliability.

  • Preparation and issuance of Certificates-of-Occupancy and other certificate evidencing titles.
  • Preparation and issuance of Right-of-Occupancy.
  • Production and printing of Titled Deed Plan (TDP).
  • Street naming and house numbering in FCT.
  • Provision of Geospatial information infrastructure for FCT.
  • The only official source of Geospatial data for FCT.
  • Textual and graphic data on FCT, including land record, aerial photographs, satellite images, engineering drawing, and scanned pictures of building.
  • Property search and verification of land record.
  • Application for land allocation.
  • Revenue collection.



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