How To Find A Plot Of Land For Sale in Abuja

Buying a plot of land in Abuja with intention of building your dream home can bring more or less unique challenges, from locating the perfect location to planning permission and other legalities. We take a more detailed look at the ins and outs.

When it comes to finding building plots and land for sale in Abuja these days, it can at times be easier said than truly done. Almost 49% per cent of land coming on to the current market is Abuja is brownfield - land that is or was engaged by a stable structure that has become unused, underused or abandoned, and has possible redevelopment potential - and 51% per cent is greenfield - undeveloped land, such as recreational grounds and parks. This vacant land, owned by a collection of individuals, companies and land investors, can prove a meaningful investment for those considering building a new home.

How Do I Find Land For Sale in Abuja?

When eyeing to buying land for development, there are many methods to finding your ideal plot. These include some of the following routes:

Estate Agents

Even though largely in the business of selling ready-built properties. several estate agents sometimes have building land on their books too. And even if they do not have something suitable, it worth making the enquiry and leaving your details e.g. email and phone number. Estate agents often have abundant connections from within the building trades, property developers, Land investment clients and so on - any of which could lead to news of a possible land deal.

Land Agents

Land agents work in the same way as estate agents, but deal exclusively with building plots and land, with or without planning permission. The agents who purely trade in land are far and few between, but as specialists in their field, could offer more promise to the potential land buyer than the average estate agency. 

On The Internet

Today there are several websites on the web that offer a plot search facility, and allow you to browse through a large and extensive database of land currently for sale. Some websites even include aerial photographs and all the basic details. Private sellers of land frequently use databases of this nature because they don't have to pay to advertise on it.

Recommended online databases include:


It is worth scanning through all the local newspapers and notice boards in your chosen area for any potential land sales. Discovery of an advertisement can be unpredictable, but once in a while, private sellers may possibly place adverts for a direct sale. On the other hand, placing an advertisement or bill board declaring you are looking for land to purchase in the area may pay extras if you can acquire a plot not yet on the market.

Auctions sale

Land auctions are not a common practice in Abuja but can be a source of cheap land sale. Often advertising in local newspapers, the land for sale via auction is often the consequence of bankruptcy, so a quick sale is crucial. Nevertheless, as with any auction sale, which can be easy to become carried away and pay over the odds for the plot of land, so tread carefully the manner you go about it. In addition land auctions are not devoid of risk and often work largely on sold-as-seen deal. You should make sure the plot is exactly what you are after before the auction.

Personal Search

It is likely the FCDA local council may have land for sale, so making initial enquiries may well offer a lead. And why not drive around your chosen area to see if any plots are vacant, because some may be available with the ideal 'Land for sale' signage while others may not be so open. There could be possible plots of land as part of large gardens or land with abandoned buildings on, so making polite and modest enquiries could bring helpful results. Even land clearly already owned by potential developers may be available for sale. 

A Replacement Build

This alternative is increasing in popularity more and more in Abuja - particularly in sought-after areas like Garki, Wuse, etc. where land can be at a premium - and the property doesn't have to be dilapidated for it to be a financially viable venture. Several self-builders find get rid of an existing building, whatever may be the condition, to rebuild is often more rewarding than renovating. Demolition is remarkably cheaper
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